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We completely understand your struggle when you have a big goal to enter the desired college, and the only tricky step is left. What is it? Correct! You know for sure that it is a statement of purpose! The most troublesome thing is to begin, though this sort of writing can take some time. So, perhaps, it would be more comfortable to entrust a statement of purpose writing service with this task. You can lose a lot of time, putting it off from day to day, which would not be helpful, but there are our services to let you breathe calmly! This article will be a stimulus for you. We will provide you with all the fundamental knowledge concerning an SoP.

What is a statement of purpose?

Many people do not realize why they need this paper and frequently submit banal essays. When composing a statement of purpose, do not ignore the fact that there are lots of other applicants, so tell an original story. That is a reflective essay that you write for the admission staff to demonstrate your educational goals. We agree that it is not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, this is an excellent opportunity to show your exceptionality. What is a statement of purpose for grad school? If you would like to get an answer to this question, in this article, we will prove to you that it is a document deserving much attention. Except for a variety of your character traits, it also contains a personalized plan of education. What is a statement of intent? What is a statement of purpose for a research paper? Briefly, in such a written composition, your task is to outline the reasons for your application and relevant experience.

How to write a statement of purpose?

A statement of purpose is a written work for the admission committee. As mentioned above, it is an opportunity to persuade them that you are an ideal student and are genuinely interested in the discipline. Lots of students do not take it seriously enough, but writing a statement of purpose sometimes is even more essential than your grades. The following SoP writing tips might be of use to you:

  • Be realistic. Your life path is unique, so dwell on it.
  • Show that you are fully aware of what you are going to study. Confirm that these subjects are in your range of interests.
  • Draw a connection between your preferences and desired degree.
  • Do not forget that there are many writers on our website who specialize in writing a statement of purpose for graduate school and can prepare an impeccable document for you.

If your intention is to apply for a PhD program, remember that the admission tutors consider such pieces of writing to be critical. Although writing statement of purpose for PhD has the aim similar to the other statements of purpose, here you have to include more information connected with your previous course.

Structure of a statement of purpose?

The word ‘purpose’ here means the intention to study. Accordingly, this is the main thing to address. Well, how to structure a statement of purpose? Before composing it, make a plan. What to include in a statement of purpose? Normally, a good one usually consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction. Here your task is to attract the reader’s attention. It would be perfect to start with some original story about you or an engaging fact connected with your education. Sit down, take some time, and identify unordinary features that you have.
  • The main body, which is divided into topics:
    • Tell them about yourself. Nonetheless, the length of statement of purpose is limited, so make this part brief.
    • Your previous experiences. If you have no clue about what to mention in an SoP, expound on them.
    • Here you need to list your favorite subjects, extracurricular activities, or some hobbies. For instance, if you are a member of a volunteer club that helps homeless people and want to be a police officer or a doctor, talk about such an experience. If there has been nothing similar to it in your life, you can refer to the subjects that you loved at school and specify why they appeal to you.
    • What can you contribute? Say what your merits are and justify why you are an outstanding student. Convey how exactly your studies have prepared you for future education. Talk about how you overcame difficulties and succeeded in studying. Prove that you are persistent. For example, you can mention the circumstances when you got a grade lower than expected and then began learning harder and got the best score in the class (or just a higher mark).
  • Conclusion. That is the statement of purpose ending. The structure of an SoP moves from the past to the present, so it will be reasonable if you sum up all the data here and express your desire to study again. Certainly, you can use the above structure, but do not be scared to be innovative. If you want to add something else or change the layout, it is your decision. Nevertheless, a description of your past should be much detailed, and your potential future has to be presented as pertinent to the present and the past. Take it all into consideration.

How long should a statement of purpose be?

Once you have gotten a grasp of the structure, then another question arises. How long should a statement of purpose be for grad school? Well, you have to realize that there are undoubtedly thousands of candidates annually. Consequently, the admission committee does not have much time to analyze each document carefully. Do not worry: they will definitely read it, but our job is to make your one easy to remember. It should be visually attractive and readable. The statement of purpose length is generally from 500 to 1000 words. We recommend making it as concise as possible. Make sure that the font is easy to perceive and that there is enough spacing between the lines.

How to start a statement of purpose?

The best idea is to start early. Do not postpone it in order not to have to do it during the last night before the deadline. How to begin a statement of purpose? It would be effective to make the beginning out of the ordinary. Do not write like this: ‘I am applying because...’ You have to do it in another way: ‘Why am I fond of economics? I guess this is the most vital area in the life of all humans. That is why I have a strong interest in this course.’ The first one is too widespread, and the second one grabs attention simply by using a question. Our task here is to captivate the reader, so if you are wondering how to start a statement of purpose for grad school, do not hesitate to use your creativity. Additionally, provide your biography, but mention only those facts that are apposite to your application. It is unnecessary to start from birth.

What should a statement of purpose include?

Think about what kind of people universities need. We are sure you will agree if we say that it is obviously a mature and highly motivated person. If you have no understanding of what to write in a statement of purpose, try to answer these basic questions:

  • How has the idea of choosing this profession come to your mind? What has inspired you to decide to earn that particular degree at that specific institution? You can make a reference to a famous person, movie, or book.
  • Possibly, you already have some knowledge in this or a related field? It is okay not to have any, so keep calm. Define what useful things you can get from this course. You can also put in a statement of purpose after-school activities or pastimes. Talk about what you learned during your studies at school.
  • What worthy things can you give to this department?
  • Explain your purpose for graduate study. What is the plan? Are you dreaming of getting a job or doing research? Maybe you want to be a teacher, and that is why you are sure you have to become a real pro?
  • What are your expectations of the university? Describe what you hope to achieve in this graduate program.
  • Talk about what you prefer to do in your free time.
  • What do you see when you imagine yourself as a student? What appeals to you about such a lifestyle? Sleepless nights, liters of coffee, or being an active member of the community?
  • What is unusual about you? Write about your distinctive features and temperament.
  • When writing a good statement of purpose, there is only one winning method to excite the admission tutors. It is to narrate a story about your background. It is imperative to be very particular. Do not write like this: ‘I love this profession.’ Instead, try something similar to it: ‘I love this profession because…’ Imagine a person holding your paper. It is truly easier to understand specific answers to the main questions than read lots of descriptions with fillers, isn’t it? Thus, you will make a favorable impression if you appear to be a focused person who is aware of what is expected. Convince the admission tutors that you can complete the program successfully. It is also a nice idea to show your passion for the chosen subject, but do not exaggerate here and do not idealize anything.

How to conclude a statement of purpose?

The conclusion of a statement of purpose is the last thing that the admission staff is going to read. The human brain always memorizes the beginning and the ending most of all. That is why it should be succinct and objective. Include the main things out of the info that you have already provided. In this way, you will summarize the content of your SoP. Ending a statement of purpose, you also have to reflect your intro. By using this method, you will beneficially impress the reader. Do not forget to ask someone for feedback and scan your piece of writing thoroughly in the end!

Most popular type of a statement of purpose

As already mentioned, an SoP has to be about you and your pursuit. The admission tutors are usually interested in your career ladder. Look at the most popular types of a statement of purpose for university admission or others that people ask us for mostly.

A statement of purpose for college application is the most requested one. A statement of purpose for graduate school is a written work thanks to which you sell your talents to the chosen institution and dwell on your suitability.

A statement of purpose for job application is a bit different thing. Even though the central goal is similar (it is to explain your interest and desire to get the position), this should be focused on your career ladder. Show your enthusiasm to the recruiter and prove that you would be a diligent employee.

A statement of purpose for masters is for those who want to get a master’s degree in any sphere. While a resume shows the current studies and previous education, a master’s SoP is concentrated on personality traits. Make your story compelling and laconic.

If you have decided to study business, you will need to compose a statement of purpose business school. The main intention is to tell how exactly business is connected with your interests. A similar type of document is a statement of purpose for business management.

A statement of purpose for scholarship is another piece of writing that makes university enrollment more challenging and does not let applicants sleep well at night. So, if you have a dream of getting a scholarship, you should seriously approach this kind of writing simply because scholarships usually entail research, and an SoP is for showing your research plans. Such an academic statement of purpose is known for being the most prestigious one. Passing grades are high, so every document matters. A statement of purpose for fellowship should be really competitive.

A statement of purpose for undergraduate is required by colleges. Here you have to answer each question in short and provide the reader with reasons for the application.

An economics statement of purpose is about your academic background. It explains how it corresponds with your current preferences. What makes you a good economic student? Communicate the message that you are self-sufficient and know for sure that it is what you want to study.

A law school statement of purpose is like all the others aimed to show that you deserve the opportunity to earn the degree. Law schools are in need of students who can articulate their thoughts well, so read, edit, and check how it sounds.

Most popular questions and answers about statement of purpose

People always have lots of questions. It would be easier if everyone had clear instructions on what to do. We will try to answer the most frequent questions and provide students with all the info they may need before and during writing.

What is the difference between personal statement and statement of purpose?

Many students do not know the difference between statement of purpose and personal statement. Actually, it is not even a surprising fact regarding how similar they are. Nevertheless, they have different content and correspondingly different topics. In general, they have an identical aim, which is to convince the admission committee that you are a perfect fit. However, the first one is mainly for your targets and refers mostly to a future career, and the second one refers to previous experience. Characteristics of statement of purpose vs personal statement are often misunderstood, so let’s make everything clear. The first tells about setting and reaching goals. The second is a description of your character.

What should you not write in a statement of purpose?

Now, when you know for sure what to write in this document and how to make a better structure, look at the things to avoid in your statement of purpose:

  • Avoid colloquial vocabulary, jargon, and jokes. Despite the fact that this is personal writing, it is still a document.
  • Do not use contractions. Stay formal.
  • Be sincere. It is very easy to detect lies, so do not decrease your chances to enter the university or get the job.
  • Be organized. Present your ideas comprehensively.
  • Read, edit, and proofread as many times as needed to make it better.
  • Do not exceed the word limit.
  • Be positive and confident. Believe in yourself.

So, why choose our SoP writing services?

We understand that writing admission documents is a very responsible job. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of our statement of purpose writing service. We do care about your success. Only professional writers and editors with extensive academic experience will work on your SoP. Do not waste your time!