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When we write reference letter for a student, we ensure the content is authentic, customized and based on the particular details mentioned in the ‘Instructions’ section. We also care about academic writing standards by preparing error-free letters that contain no grammar or punctuation mistakes.

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No matter whether you are a college freshman or an experienced employee, every ambitious individual may face the challenge of writing or asking for a decent reference letter. Rating a person, taking into account that their professional future depends on your review, is not a piece of cake. Let’s figure out what you should do when it comes to writing a reference letter.

What is a reference letter?

An intriguing and odd controversy surrounds the recommendation letter culture. A few years ago, a tide of lawsuits against big companies stirred up the business world. Former employers who had given bad recommendations were sued by employees who were struggling with looking for a new position due to the unfavorable performance review.

After several major cases, the situation with reference letters in the corporate world drastically changed. Today, reference letters are dry official documents. To avoid misunderstanding or being blamed for subjective judgment, a reference letter is now a simple validation that the person worked at the company for a certain period. Nevertheless, a special format and a number of rules are involved with regard to reference letter writing.

How to write a reference letter?

Even if you are trustworthy (and professional, right?) and wish to write the most excellent letter, you cannot show your writing talent and creativity here. The reference letter format is a business format. So, how to compose a reference letter?

  • Make a list of the necessary data and diligently check it:
    • Your professional/academic relation to the person you are recommending
    • The time the recommended person worked with you
    • The project you worked together on
  • If you are the one who is asking, then provide your recommender with that information.
  • After receiving a letter, do not hesitate to fact-check it. Also, even you are the one who is writing a letter, ask the receiver to double-check whether you have used the data correctly.
  • Compose a reference letter according to the business letter rules.

Why it’s important to write a good reference letter?

We have already mentioned that today reference letters are rather symbolic because no one is going to write a negative one because of fear of getting sued. It is just a fact-checking procedure. In case you really want to give a hand to your former student or talented employee, you can go further and add a personal touch. How exactly can you move on to the next level?

Among the dates and positions, you can refer to concrete achievements, which will be objective and will help the person you are recommending a lot. For instance, you can list the projects in which the person participated. Also, you have to provide proof of those accomplishments. For example, the number of people that the person managed, revenue growth, or other things that are measurable.

How we can help you to write a reference letter?

Despite the fact that we write business letters on a frequent basis, reference letters are usually not a part of our daily routine. Moreover, the supposition that a good reference letter takes much time corresponds with the reality. The considerable problem is that a reference letter is needed before the deadline, and professors or employers who are asked for recommendations are busy people. That is why entrusting professionals with composing a reference letter is understandable.

No wonder that you might feel overwhelmed with such a request. Expert writers from our reference letter writing service are ready to assist you at any stage of this procedure. No matter whether you are having a hard time formatting a document and need some editing help or have not begun at all yet, we are here to aid you. Special attention to each client is what we are known for. You can ask for advice or make additional comments anytime. You are in touch with the writer throughout the whole process.

What will you get from our reference letter writing service?

If you have lost count of attempts to start preparing a document, we can help you. We know the answer to an eternal question of how to write a reference letter. If you find it difficult to decide on what to include in a reference letter, do not bother yourself. You will discuss it individually with the assigned writer. Do not be stressed out because of the reference letter anymore!

What can we offer you?

  • Personal consultation and the ability to contact the writer round the clock.
  • No templates used: our specialists compose each letter completely from scratch.
  • We are in this business for a long time. Thus, we value your time and are knowledgeable about how to do it all as effectively as possible.

Why you should choose us?

Once you have decided to ask a pro to write a reference letter, you naturally go to the Internet. Be careful as a lot of people without any experience claim that they can do this job for you. You have to take into consideration that a professional letter of reference serves not only the receiver: it is also about the reputation of the recommender. If you treasure your good name, chose the writer thoroughly. Do not look for the lowest price combined with quick turnarounds because, in this case, the author of your letter will be a fresher who knows nothing about the business environment. We advise that you opt for our highly qualified writers who have been proving their expertise for decades.

We offer the following:

  • An individual approach. We do not make use of templates. Every single piece of writing is created from the ground up.
  • The best value for money you can find on the market.
  • We understand the business, and we respect your time and demands.
  • You can turn to our experts to add or edit any data. Furthermore, if you are feeling indecisive, they are happy to provide you with a consultation on what to include in your letter.