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Are you going to enter the university or earn a master’s degree? Maybe you want to find a suitable job to use your skills? In both cases, you have to provide a letter of recommendation that emphasizes your abilities properly.

It is an important part of the application process. Thus, we will save your time and nerves. Our letter of recommendation writing service will assist you in preparing a decent application document that will increase your chances of acceptance to the desired educational institution or company.

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

In this paragraph, you will get a basic understanding of what is a professional letter of recommendation, and we will briefly explain why writing a letter of recommendation for a job applicant or promotion plays a vital role in presenting your candidacy.

A letter of recommendation is a professional referral letter that is usually written by a previous employer, tutor, colleague, customer, or another person who recommends you as an excellent worker or a successful and promising student by mentioning your strengths, academic achievements, and qualifications.

Usually, a letter of recommendation is submitted along with a university personal statement or a job application and a career change letter. The main goal of this document is to show the person’s motivation, experience in the particular field, ambitions, and skill set.

Two main types of such letters are a recommendation letter to college or university and a letter of recommendation for a job.

What is a letter of recommendation for a job? It is an application document prepared by the director of the company you used to work for. They should describe you as positively as possible to write an attractive review of your candidacy for the potential employer. Attention should be drawn mostly to your professional skills and attributes that help you to fulfill your tasks expertly.

What is a letter of recommendation for college? It is a letter that is added to your enrollment document package and is written by a tutor or school/college principal. It is about your personality, what your skills are, how you deal with other people, your academic performance, and what area you are good at.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

No matter what kind of letter of recommendation you are going to prepare, there are common rules. By following them and adhering to the university’s or company’s requirements, a document will be more likely to bring success.

Therefore, when writing a good recommendation letter, you need to:

  • Keep the required volume of the text. Normally, it should not be more than two pages.
  • Explain how you are related to the applicant.
  • Convey that the applicant is a perfect fit for the department or vacancy. To do it, you have to find the best approach to characterize the person.
  • Include information about the applicant laconically. When listing the person’s skills, be sure that you provide facts. It is better to talk about those traits that you personally observed when teaching the applicant or working with them.
  • Write an engaging conclusion: highlight the most relevant skills and knowledge that the applicant possesses and express your thoughts about the suitability of their candidacy for the university or job position.
  • Add some information about yourself: write your contact details below the text.
  • Check yourself: do not forget to proofread what you have written and edit it if necessary.

Keep in mind that, when writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher, you have to be aware of the applicant’s most notable accomplishments during their career at school. It is imperative to mention their interpersonal skills, professional performance, and what results they achieved in the previous job position.

Talking of writing a letter of recommendation for a professor, it is a much more in-depth review. Here you have to write about the most remarkable skills and professional background and concentrate mostly on the applicant’s academic acquirements and fields of interest.

Writing a letter of recommendation for college or for a student requires the inclusion of information about the student’s performance rating and attracting attention to their prodigious understanding of the subjects they are interested in. Also, you have to add information about what goals the student desires to reach and knowledge of what area they want to advance.

The same guide also applies to the process of writing a recommendation letter for graduate school. So, do not worry and dwell on the most apposite skills of the applicant to present them as a bright student.

When writing a job reference letter, an employer has to talk about their former employee as a highly qualified specialist who can be characterized by impressive skills, diligence, and a desire for further development in the field.

Structure of a Letter of Recommendation

When it is time to compose a letter of recommendation, you feel unsure about what to begin with, what should be included, and who to entrust with this task. It is true. A recommendation letter should contain the information that will offer your candidacy winningly and make the reader interested in you. We have prepared some tips on the recommendation letter structure for you:

  • How to begin a recommendation letter: first, introduce yourself in short and state how you know the person you are writing about and what your relationships are. Then, explain why you are recommending this person. You should choose the right words to describe the applicant as a proficient worker or assiduous student.
  • What to include in a letter of recommendation: the main body of a recommendation letter has to contain a detailed description of the applicant’s personality. An employer or a tutor has to mention the most pertinent applicant’s skills that prove that they are a well-rounded, talented, ambitious, and goal-oriented person. It will be beneficial to list their fascinating attainments in the studying or working process.
  • Recommendation letter ending: try to write a memorable conclusion that contains the explanation of why you consider the applicant to be a fitting candidate. Emphasize how this person can demonstrate their strong sides and become a student who will achieve high academic results or an employee who will bring benefits to the chosen company.

Speaking of the length of letter of recommendation, you have to adhere to this requirement because no one will read a long biographic story. So, it has to be no more than two pages. Moreover, it is better to put all the information on one page. Just focus on the applicant’s main features and keep your piece of writing concise.

So, to craft a great and well-structured letter of recommendation, you should know the applicant very well to provide accurate information. The way you write about the person’s traits and achievements will have a big impact on the choice of the potential employer or the admission board. It can be said that you are responsible for 50% of the applicant’s success.

How Long Should a Letter of Recommendation Be?

Before you begin to write a recommendation letter, you have to determine a letter of recommendation length, format, and style. These data will help you to arrange your ideas into paragraphs and make a document readable.

To start working on the structure, you have to decide on the number of paragraphs and what information you want to include there. You should always remember that a document has to be logical and consistent.

How long should a letter of recommendation be for graduate school? If you prepare a referral letter for a school or college student, the length of the text should be a bit more than one page but no more than two.

Bear in mind that there are also many kinds of information that will not benefit the student’s application process. A tutor from the admission committee will not spend their time reading a two-page text full of life facts and praise.

How long should a college recommendation letter be? Compared to the above-mentioned kind of letter, a college letter of recommendation should be briefer and concentrated on the applicant’s skills, academic accomplishments, and goals.

Avoid facts that are not connected with the chosen job position or university department. Do not forget that the volume of the text is not the main requirement for a recommendation letter: its content and quality are paramount.

How to Start a Letter of Recommendation?

Starting a letter of recommendation is worth much attention because it is a crucial part of the entire writing process. The way you begin a document makes the first impression on the reader.

The letter of recommendation introduction has to be well-thought-out and include logical and clear statements. Before you start writing a referral letter, make sure you have an idea of how to prepare such a document. You need minimum experience in composing such letters, and you have to know how to introduce an applicant as well as possible.

So, how to begin a recommendation letter? You have to start with a short introduction about yourself, your relationships with the applicant, and the place where you cooperated.

Then move on to a brief explanation of why you are recommending this person. Talk about the applicant’s personality and successes.

What Should a Letter of Recommendation Include?

After the introduction, you have to expound on the person’s abilities and acquirements. The following are the things to include in a recommendation letter:

  • Description of the traits that you believe to be the most suitable for this referral letter.
  • Do not exaggerate. Include the things that you are confident in and that you can prove somehow.
  • Even if the applicant experienced some problems or controversial issues when working or studying, do not mention them.
  • Dwell on the person’s progress, new skills, and self-improvement.

Strive to compose an effective letter of recommendation that will help to realize the applicant’s dream of becoming a university student or an employee at the chosen company.

What to include in a letter of recommendation for graduate school? If you are writing a text for a university applicant, highlight their potential. Refer to their motivation to continue studying and what objectives they are willing to achieve. Of course, talk about their most marvelous attainments and academic results.

The same information has to be mentioned when you hesitate what to include in a letter of recommendation for college. These are similar referral letters that have the same requirements.

How to Conclude a Letter of Recommendation?

When a student or an employee asks you to compose a recommendation letter, try your best to do it in the right way. The final result also depends on your statements and assessment of the applicant provided in the text. Imagine that you are an admission tutor reading this letter and try to determine what answers you would like to get. This way, you will prepare a strong letter of recommendation.

When everything is ready, you have to work on an engaging ending. It should not be too long: just one concise paragraph is needed. Show your positive attitude towards the applicant, say that you highly recommend them, and point out the reason.

The letter of recommendation conclusion is summarizing information about the applicant by using which you persuade the reader to choose them. Also, include your contact details for the reader to turn to you in case they have any questions.

Most Popular Types of a Letter of Recommendation

There are the three most popular types of recommendation letter: a personal referral letter, a professional application, and an academic reference letter. Some of them have their own types. So, let’s take a look at them all.

A personal referral letter is a document that describes the applicant’s attributes, communicative skills, values, etc. It can be written by a person who knows the applicant well, especially their psychology. Such a writer should understand the applicant’s way of thinking. An ideal writer can be the person’s coach, groupmate, or close friend. Such a kind of referral letter can be required when a psychological description of the individual is necessary.

A professional reference letter is considered to be a standard letter of recommendation for job, which has to present a job-seeker as favorably as possible by characterizing their fabulous professional qualities, qualifications, work experience, and also personality. Reference letters for a job can be written by an employer, a co-worker, or even a customer. A writer of such a letter has to be knowledgeable about the person’s level of professionalism. If the writer observed the applicant’s performance and skills, they could prepare the document easily.

When writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher, you have to take into consideration the overall applicant’s experience and highlight the most noteworthy accomplishments in their teaching career. A letter of recommendation for teacher and a professor letter of recommendation should be highly professional and meet all the requirements of the particular institution.

Sometimes, when writing a letter of recommendation for a professor, it is better to turn to a dependable writing service that will fulfill this task impeccably.

An academic recommendation letter is an application document that has to be submitted along with the student’s statement when they are going to apply to the desired college or university. It can be letters of recommendation for college admissions, a letter of recommendation for graduate school, and a scholarship reference letter. The main purpose of such a kind of text is to inform about the student’s academic knowledge rating, career goals, aspirations, and what traits make them a suitable candidate. Generally, a letter of recommendation for student is written by a tutor, professor, or mentor.

A university or college recommendation letter has to be about the student’s best attributes, most striking attainments, and passion for further development and self-enhancement.

If a student is applying for a specific specialty, their recommendation letter should be written by a tutor or a professor who specializes in that particular academic field. That can considerably boost the applicant’s chances to be selected as one of the most fitting candidates.

For example, when composing a business school recommendation letter, the writer should have some connection to business or economics teaching and understand what statements can be relevant and convincing. A business reference letter should include a description of the applicant’s academic acquirements, their participation in some business meetings and conferences, and also leadership qualities, which may sound pertinent here. The same hints are applicable to an MBA recommendation letter.

When writing an academic letter of recommendation for medical students, the writer should focus on the applicant’s skills and knowledge of the field and their participation in various medicine meetups and forums for upgrading the qualification. A nursing school recommendation letter should contain information about the student’s interpersonal skills, for instance, their ability to cooperate with other doctors and nurses and find common ground with various patients. Therefore, a recommendation letter for nursing school has to be well-structured and include accurate facts about the applicant’s personality.

Talking of a letter of recommendation for an internship, it has to be about the applicant’s wide range of professional skills and theoretical knowledge used in real situations concerning medical treatment.

More strict requirements are set for a letter of recommendation for doctoral program and a letter of recommendation for masters program. The reason is quite obvious: if a student decides to get a master’s or PhD degree, the requirements get harsher because they have to correlate with the knowledge and experience level.

A reference letter for scholarships has to consist of info about your high academic results and prizes won in competitions related to your academic field. It will increase the likelihood of getting a scholarship.

If you are preparing a volunteer letter of recommendation, you have to mention the applicant’s personality traits, communicative skills, ability to solve controversies, etc.

A military letter of recommendation has to include shortly stated facts about the person who wants to serve in the army. The applicant’s strengths and career development have to be highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recommendation Letter

A letter of recommendation is an application document required by almost all universities and companies, and it plays a pivotal role in the selection of candidates. It is a comprehensive insight into the applicant’s personality, traits, skills, knowledge, and activities meant to convince the reader of their suitability for the job or academic sphere. Therefore, it is imperative to read all requirements and go through as many Q&A sections as you can to submit a superb recommendation letter.

Can a Friend Write a Letter of Recommendation?

The decision on who to ask for a letter of recommendation is an all-important step that will partly determine your final results. We advise you not to ask your family members or relatives to prepare this application document. A letter of recommendation from a friend also will be a weak option because all those people can write exaggeratedly good words about your personality. It is better to ask a tutor or an employer to do it.

Should a Letter of Recommendation Be Typed or Handwritten?

Usually, the letter of recommendation format is typed. It is better and more comfortable to use Microsoft Office or Google Docs to format your text according to the required fonts, line spacing, sizes, etc.

Let’s Summarize

Having discussed all possible questions concerning writing a recommendation letter, we hope that you have the needed answers and already know what to begin with. No matter who you are – a student, a job-seeker, a tutor, or an employer – you have to take it seriously.

Nevertheless, if you still have some doubts about how to make this letter stand out or if you have a lack of information or experience in crafting such documents, then we are here to assist you. Our letter of recommendation writing service takes into account all the requirements and prepares such pieces of writing excellently.