Hui Tsai (M.Sc. in Project Planning | HKU)
Hui plies his trade in Hong Kong shipping and logistics. While he’s not working, he is helping students conquer the South East Asian and Australian university application processes. If you need an admissions essay or personal statement to amplify your great grades for such big names as Monash University, University of Queensland, Wollongong, and Malaya, Tsai is the person to talk to. Tsai has an undergraduate background in systems development and is also the best person to talk to for those looking to apply to tech-savvy schools or courses.
It was an intensive application, but I’m glad I finally got in. My U.Tech Sydney application was matched against some pretty big names, but the help that I got from Tsai was quite effective in getting my personal statement noticed. He reviewed my academic papers and guided me on how to fill in or explain any gaps in my records.
Kevin Coons
The last thing I thought was going to impede my application was my language skills and how much they lacked at the time. Coming from mainland China proved to be a major impediment to my application to a major Australian university. The process was stressful at first, but I got introduced to Mr. Tsai just when I thought I might not have enough time left to salvage any points from the process. He helped me organize my thoughts and foster a relationship with the reader so that I could showcase what my journey had been like.
Wan Zhuang
University of Melbourne
My personal statement would have barely made it through Honk Kong’s initial screening if I hadn’t consulted Mr. Tsai. I couldn’t reconcile my GPA with my course aspirations in Financial Engineering. Luckily, Mr. Tsai had gone through the process before and had even worked on lots of applications for HKU before he took on mine. It was good for me to interact with Tsai who knew what the pressure would be like and came in at the best time to assist me wow those professors.
Erick Russel
Hong Kong
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