Leonida Quinn  (M.Sc. in Information & Data Science)
Ms. Quinn is the epitome of females breaking glass ceilings in STEM, and has been trying to transition and empower other females into the field by helping them out with their admissions essays. Her efforts have so far yielded 5 acceptances to Ivy League colleges. A rising star in her own right, Miss Quinn has just completed her own masters in the software and computing fields and is beta testing her own start-up soon. She says the joy of seeing someone with a completely retailored application is what keeps her going.
I think she really understands the perspective of interviewers having gone through the process herself. She comes off as very intelligent and knows how each stage of the process works. For me, this yielded a high rate of return and I was able to impress not less than 5 schools.
Joan Watonga
Ithaca NY
Having a female of tremendous achievement to look up to like Miss Quinn is the main reason why I decided to forge ahead with the application process. It is a lesson in empowerment as she doesn’t just write an essay for you, rather she guides you through the process and helps set the mentality for the finale.
Elsa Gutierrez
New Mexico
I didn’t think I could pull off my local state college let alone the old wind of prestigious Ivy’s. Needless to say, I received amazing service and had all my fears about joining a big school relegated to the background.
Donetta Shepherd
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