Nicholas Dove (Ph.D. in Education Studies)
The graduate and doctoral fellow at the University of Canberra has been assisting students in crafting applications for their undergraduate all their way to their doctoral and specialized studies for 15 years and says seeing their success has been his greatest joy. You’ll find him invaluable when writing your letters of intent and motivation, resume, personal statement and admission letter. Nicholas has an in-depth understanding of the Australian education system, having lectured in at least four of the top 10 Australian universities. With over 200 completed orders to his name, Nicholas is among the elite of the writing world, as can be attested by a few of his reviews below.
Nicholas is among admissions consultants who can be trusted to deliver exceptional results for students no matter how daunting the task is. I know how easily one can get discouraged by the rigors of applying to a graduate program, but with an expert like Nicholas, the process becomes so flawless and intuitive.
Martha Law
I am quite impressed by how Mr. Dove can effectively help you bring out that story in a way that comfortably articulates your experiences, motivations, academic goals and ambitions. I was unable to sell my story in a way that anyone would want to read it. After a few conversations with Nicholas and his encouragement on the best way to move forward, I was able to finish my application in good time.
Emily Cavenagh
McGill University
I decided to apply to eight universities at the same time and initially used a generic application essay which was bound to let me down. Once I got into contact with Mr. Dove, I was able to streamline each of my admissions essays, and they stopped looking basic and more like a tailored brand.
Jasmine Sholl
San Francisco
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