Ericka T. Haugen (M.A English University of Michigan-Ann Harbor)
Ericka who also specializes in helping M.A applicants to American universities and is an editor for undergrads working on their admissions essays and personal statements says that helping students ace their applications is “the one thing I’d probably do for free in this world.” She has served on the admissions committees of several schools which she isn’t at liberty to disclose, making her ideal for anyone harboring dreams of getting into a top US college. She understands the entire application process both for American and Canadian institutions of higher learning, and anyone looking to attend here should seek her help.
I had great grades but lacked the confidence to run against thousands of other brilliant applicants from all over the world. Ms. Haugen gave me reassurance that I could do it and even helped me rewire my application essay. I got accepted into Amherst, and it couldn’t have happened without her help and insight.
Luke Kovach
Coming from India and trying to apply to UVA was no joke for me. I got in touch with Ericka’s service after a recommendation, which had never even crossed my mind as I thought it amounted to ‘cheating.’ I now see how invaluable these writing services are for non-native English students who are trying to make their way into American, Canadian, Australian and British universities.
Rajeet Desani
I had an average experience with the writing company with regards to speed and cost. What really stood out for me was the writer, Miss Ericka, who puts herself in the shoes of the applicant and helps one tackle the application process head on. I found her very insightful and willing to go the extra mile to assist applicants to create the perfect application.
Stacie Roberts
Flynn, Ohio.
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