Tim Levasseur (M.Sc. in Financial Planning)
A graduate of York University and an alumnus of the London School of Business, Tim is fluent in both English and French and has gone through the application process several times that places him in the perfect position to help students at any point of their application. For Tim, branding and maintaining consistency is an important part of getting your application noticed. The financial guru who has worked with global behemoths like Barclays, Credit Suisse and Bank of America has helped at least 5 students get into Ivy League colleges and other top schools in Canada and the UK. His biggest strength is admissions essay editing, which effectively lets him tell an applicant’s story in the best way possible.
Tim is certainly a genius when it comes to helping one craft such a niche application like the one he helped me with. He is quite affordable for the level of service that he offers, and I wish I’d come across his services just a bit earlier in the application process.
Mads Olsen
What struck me about Tim is his ability to see right through the application process and how he is able to leverage his own background to help the student craft an amazing application that really impresses any reader. I was stuck for weeks near a deadline with my personal statement, but Tim promptly helped me out.
Keith Wagner
Richfield KS
I wasn’t sure I had what it took to go for an M.Sc. in Healthcare at Western Sydney University. At least until I spoke to Tim and he explained how I could fill the gaps in my application.
Gloria Langer
I liked the overall service. The team is very responsive although they could do much better in alerting the writer to a customer request. I did find my writer, Mr. Levasseur very professional and an expert at what he does.
David Mateo
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