Jeannie Dupre (B.A)
I am a professional writer who was born, educated, and still lives in the US. Writing has been my full-time occupation for the past 4 years. So far, I have been lucky to serve many students who have gone on to join some of the top universities in the world. Though I am an all-rounded writer, I now focus on helping students write excellent college applications. My goal is simple- helping students send out a quality letter that increases their chances of being admitted to a selected college or university. And I also offer editing services. Students who wish to apply for commerce studies at bachelor’s, master’s, and post-graduate levels will find my services invaluable. Come and let’s do it together!
Jeannie is a true professional. The way she communicates to a customer and sticks to the instructions given is commendable. I appreciate every bit of our interaction Jeannie. Most importantly, thank you for the excellent personal statement. I was accepted to the university!
Betty Gutierrez
You do not know how much pressure you took off me by accepting to work on my motivation letter on short notice. The whole university application procedure was too overwhelming for me. So, I’d like to thank you for two things- working on my order speedily, and for giving me a high-quality letter. I sincerely wish you the best!
Eleanor Estes.
Jeannie, thank you for the outstanding job you did on my admission essay.
Ellen Anderson.
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