Ida Parsons (MBA)
From my humble beginnings in Farmers Branch, Texas, I always knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. And that dreams indeed came true; I became one, but with a twist to it. Through my writing, I can help students get into their dream careers. See, I am a professional writer who specializes in university/ college application letters, scholarship compositions, recommendation letters, personal statements, among a variety of other formal writings. Being an MBA holder, I am particularly familiar with the application process for many business schools. Thus, if you need help along those lines, well, you know who to talk to- me! Start your higher education life on the right foot by hiring me for quality application letters and essays!
I highly recommend Ida if you want an excellent application letter for business programs. She is well-conversant with the dynamics of business school and crafts writings that sell you as the ideal candidate for a business course. On seeing the letter, she wrote for me; I immediately knew I was in and it indeed happened. So, to all of you looking for a writer, be wise and chose this one. And to you Ida, much thanks!
Maria Evans
Ida, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for the wonderful personal statement. Update; I was accepted to my dream college.
Brandon Cassidy
I wish you all the best Ida, and keep doing what you are doing. I loved the letter of recommendation.
Jonathan Kozlowski
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