Wendi Moe (MLS)
To start us off, I am a librarian by profession. See, I love being around books and scholars; it gives me a feeling of contentment. I also enjoy writing- anything from short stories to formal papers such as motivation and recommendation letters, college and university application letters, personal statements, and the list goes on. As an employee of this company, that means our interaction comes about if you want assistance in writing the formal documents mentioned there. I am always ready to help high school applicants, undergraduates, and graduates seeking to further their studies by professionally writing their admission documents. So far, 9/10 clients I serve, get into their dream colleges successfully. What are you waiting for? It’s your turn!
Wendi wrote an excellent admission essay for me. Though I must admit I was quite hesitant about hiring someone on the internet, Wendi took her time to reassure me of my decision and crowned it all with the superb letter. Lots of thanks! I will definitely come back and have already told my schoolmates about you.
Richard Smith
Thanks to your excellent writing I have been awarded a scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s at a reputable university in the US. Thanks for helping an international student like me realize my dream of studying in the US.
Betty Alderson
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to extend warm gratitude to Wendi for writing a fantastic motivation letter for me.
Larry Greene
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