Louis Mason (Certified MBA & Entrepreneur)
For all those looking to get into the prestigious business, finance and MBA programmes around the world, Mr. Mason has not only graduated from the IESE Business School in Barcelona but has also successfully launched and run his own merchandising and product supply business. “Getting into top Business programmes around the world is difficult, but it is certainly possible if you work at it and sell your best story,” he says. Mr. Mason has worked on over 200 personal statements, admissions and scholarships essays, and letters of intent, with some of his clients getting into some of the top schools globally.
I didn’t think much about how tough it would be to land a spot in Haas until I started working on my admission essay and needed a letter of reference. All that changed when I was introduced to Mr. Mason as the person who would make that dream a reality. Here I am six months later, having just received that acceptance call and preparing to start my orientation. I don’t know how I would have done it by myself.
Jack Leighton
UC Berkley
Yaay! This has been the longest year of my life trying to get into Harvard Business School. I’m super-thrilled that Louis got the opportunity to go through my admission essay and other material, and gave an honest critique.
Debra J
Horton, MA
I’ve always been interested in creating my own startup but didn’t think I was ready yet for the dive unless I got into a reputable MBA program. I got a legit essay writer who had an in-depth understanding of the application process to business school. I’m sitting in class typing in this review just to say thank you to Louis who I was privileged to have gotten help from during the application process.
Laura Holder
The MBA program at Sidney seemed impossible to get into until I spoke with Louis. He showed me how to package an application that would ultimately blow away anyone reading it.
Greg Hickory
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