Bailey Johnston (M.Sc in Economics and Management)
I am a professional academic consultant and editor with over 7 years of practice. I edit a variety of papers ranging from letters of recommendations and motivation to scholarship and admission essays. Born and raised in Kent, I attended London School of Economics, and Political Science for my BSc Economics followed by an MSc in Economics and Management two years later. I have a pretty good idea on what a candidate applying for a program in UK’s top universities requires. That is why I help students achieve their dreams of higher education through editing documents for them and career advisory. If you are keen on securing a competitive slot at your dream university, I am always available to guide you through the process.
Job well done. You are an excellent editor
Chandra Miller
Brilliant editing work on my essay. I could not have seen all those errors I had made without your help!
Blake Harris
The essay was okay. Better than what I had written by myself.
Nancy Greer
Good. I had only one concern, and it was addressed very professionally. I was happy with that.
Nona Miller
This expert editing service is far the best I have experienced. The fees are quite affordable, and communication is almost instant at whatever time you contact them. Just loved it.
Hellen Mattia
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