James Richards (B.A)
High school students often ask me, ‘What’s the secret to getting accepted to particular universities or colleges is?’ Well, my answer always has a condition. See, if your academic performance makes the cut, then only a bad application will spoil the party. But, do not worry, that is where I come in. Ask any of my previous customers, and you will learn that I shine in writing killer admission essays, admission letters, scholarship essays, recommendation letters, and so on. So, if you want to make sure your application is on point, all you need to do is hire me. Over the years, I have penned excellent letters and essays that have helped many students secure places in educational institutions or get awarded with scholarships.
What James says about himself is absolutely true. I hired him to write my admission letter and got an excellent piece. Today, I am one of the international students in a good university in Australia. All this was possible because I outsourced my letter to this fantastic writer. Much thanks, James!
Keith Hay
I was quite skeptical about hiring someone to write a scholarship essay for me. See, I wasn’t sure if it would be similar to how I imagined it in my head. James, however, put what was in my mind in writing and even made it better. I am forever grateful to you!
Eduardo Rosado
A hearty thanks for the excellent motivation letter.
John Blasko
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