Dean Minnick (M.Ed.)
Being a fairly new addition to the writing team at this company and yet enjoying a 96% customer satisfaction rate is quite an achievement, don’t you think so? Well, if customer reports are anything to go by, it is safe to conclude that by hiring me to write your application/ recommendation letters, scholarship essays, etc., you significantly increase your chances of getting a favorable response. I have been part of the interview panel at Boston University where I grilled applicants seeking to join the institution. Thus, I am particularly useful if you want to get into this or any other school. Plus, I can help you comprehend the interview process for this university for free. All in all, hire me for professional writing assistance!
I had worked with several writers in this company before and none of them disappointed. Dean is yet another proficient writer in this company. Thank you for the excellent personal statement. I will definitely come back and make referrals to your side!
John Hurst
Dean is an impressive writer who makes intelligent use of words in his writing. With every word, phrase, and sentence you read, you get the point being passed across without having to expend a lot of effort. Keep up the good work Mister!
Lenora Cooper
Thank you for the motivation letter Dean. I was informed that my application went through three days ago! So happy and proud of my decision to work with you!
Richard Stockard
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