Abbey Melvin (M.A in Anthropology)
One of the best writers on this list is another youthful starter and one of our applications editors. Ms. Melvin has a master’s degree in anthropology from ECU and wants to see more females go into this specialist career. She works as an ESL instructor too, helping students from South Asian countries garner admission into Australian institutions. With 30 orders under her belt, she wraps up the profiles of our top writers.
I got into Melbourne with the help of Abbey. She’s professional and can easily relate to the entire process.
Emily Ash
Cooper St.
Certainly the best writer I’ve ever worked with. Fast and quite friendly.
John Dangler
New South Wales.
I didn’t think I had enough time left to finish my application. Abbey came in at the right time, and she works really fast. I finally got accepted to the University of Newcastle.
Alan Hercus
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M.A and Creative Technologist
96% of customer approval
248 Orders
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92% of customer approval
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