Ricarda S. Syed (M.Sc. Geological Science)
Ricarda is a civil engineering professional who branched out on her own soon after graduating from the University of British Columbia, and has worked on 147 admissions essays and personal statements, and also helps students make sense of their academic achievements. She works rapidly and is especially suited for those looking to apply to STEM courses.
I kept constant contact with Ricarda, and I’m pretty sure her help is what got me into Quebec.
Jose Brown
Quite affordable and the service was faster than any other writing service I had ever used.
Peris Hall
Applying for a masters in Structural Engineering was so unnerving, and I didn’t know how to present my portfolio of projects. With Ricarda’s background in a similar course, I quickly made sense of the process and handed in my application on time.
Donna Marts
British Columbia
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