Linda M. Rivera (M.A in Sociology)
The Syracuse University alumnus has been helping students apply to top universities all around the world for 10 years, during which time she has managed two Ivy League and one Oxford acceptance. She has also managed to coach over 15 non-native English speaking students who have seen her become a favorite with Hispanic and Asian applicants in our agency. If you want a tailored letter of motivation, a personal statement or a letter of intent for universities in the US and Canada, Linda is the person you should talk to.
Wonderful and affordable service. I was making a second attempt at my master application, and Linda totally came through.
Eden Pardey
I found the help from Miss Rivera really invaluable. As a first time applicant, the process was grueling, but I found that with an expert guiding me through each set of essays, I could quickly transition from one phase to another. This would definitely not have been possible without her help.
Rosa Chumleigh
My class application was extremely competitive. My grades weren’t glazed in starlight, and I thought I might not be the best selection for Northwestern’s class of 2022. I’m glad I got someone who could fit my academic achievements into my application and helped me convince the admissions committee with my admission essay.
Kent V. Samson
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