Wayne L. Sills (M.D John Hopkins)
The trained medic has been helping students in medicine, and the health sciences get into their graduate programs and residencies for the last 5 years, having observed how difficult it was to get past MCATs and AMCAs. Choosing a program of residency he has observed is one of the most challenging academic processes anywhere. It takes a good amount of courage to take the step of applying to any medical program in the US, and Wayne wants to prepare students who are facing the prospect of the process, especially those who haven’t yet quite figured out what area of medicine they want to specialize in. He has taken on personal statements and letters of motivation for over 165 students.
Excellent service especially from my writer Mr. Sills. I had not been able to get over the close graduate program application at the University of Hawaii Manoa and was giving up on the process when I had a chat with him the first time. He reassured me of my doing well and enlightened me on the best way to achieve solid results not just in my applications, but in all my tests too.
Janice Whitman
I’m glad I applied to medical school in the US even though the odds were totally stacked against me. Dr. Sills was a great motivation to do well in the entire process. He showed me how to tell my story from my own experiences, and I immediately felt the impact. This certainly made the experience less daunting.
Ebony Braun
I’ve been through two professional exams already, and I’m looking to do my third though I need to transfer my residency. I’ll consult Dr. Sills as he knows how to handle the process well and has already given me great advice so far.
William Villeneuve
Howard University
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