Zoella Krykic (Aerospace & Defense Professional)
This Florida-born Croatian native combines a love for the sciences with a keen interest in the arts and has a talented pool of applicants to top American universities under her wing. She has been in the industry for 5 years now, and she aims to see more women job applicants transition into a versatile STEM career choice like herself.
Very professional and always courteous. I liked how Ms. Zoella understood what the entire application process entailed and how I could best get the admissions committee’s interest in my application.
James Kline
Michigan State
I didn’t think I’d get a shot at the freshman class of Edith Cowan, but I got that surprise calling letter after Zoella helped me rewrite both my first and second drafts. It was a difficult process trying to understand what exactly the admissions team were looking for, but suffice to say she was an experienced hand.
William Cain
The service is quite rapid, and I got from a first draft to the preliminary final draft with Miss Krykic’s help within just a month, with sufficient time left over to refine the story to how I wanted it to look like. They are quite affordable and professional too.
Stacey Kellan
University of Mississippi