Martin Harris (MBA & Finance Executive)
If you’re looking to pursue a career as an executive in Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Harris provides you with that peculiar chance by harnessing the power of your application. He also has some of the best tools for job applicants looking to get employment in global conglomerates. Harris isn’t just another regular old money guard. He has had numerous stints with some of the leading tech startups in Europe and Asia and knows where the money is moving and how to follow it. With an impressive 180 clients assisted, Martin is a formidable force in our team. He’s also one of our general applications essay editors and is one of the go-to professionals for any high value application editing.
I am thankful to the service for putting me in touch with Martin, who picked up my application as soon as it was tendered. I applied to Wharton, and though I wasn’t accepted, I was given enough positive feedback that I am confident I can make another attempt this year. Mr. Harris was invaluable to the process, and things might have been different if I had come across him earlier.
Humphrey Meyer
Long Island
I like the person that worked on my application. He was able to quickly pinpoint the flaws that were inherent and showed me how to do a self-assessment to weigh my own application.
Thomas Dandonneau
Overall great service, but it seems the writer is exclusive. I got a final draft almost at the deadline, and I was able to carry on from there comfortably.
Nina Harris
New Brunswick
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