Valerie Pierson (M.A Art History)
The graduate of Quebec with an undergraduate in Fine Arts and an M.A from the Imperial College has a knack for effectively communicating with the current generation of applications which have to showcase how effectively they can utilize technology to their advantage. She is allegorical about how tech and big data will be the changing facets of the future, and she herself with a needed background seen the value of utilizing these two in any aspect of everyday living. To this end, she has already helped 178 students on their journey to a stellar college career.
Getting into Roehampton was hard at first. I was advised to seek expert help if the process proved to be dragging too long or if I was stuck with the essay portion. This was a great way to learn about the entire application process, with Ms. Pierson guiding both the writing and editing. She helped me keep my story in balance and also helped me level out any misses that might have existed in my application.
Mario Bustamante
I didn’t believe it when I finally got my application accepted by West London. It was great to go through the process with someone as intelligent as Valerie who knew what the interviewers would want before the process even began.
Norman Thompson
She’s a brave face in helping students like me get into some of the best universities in the world. I also like how fast and efficient their service is.
Carey Giuliani
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