Diaz M. Tiffany (M.Sc. Biomedical Technology)
A career scientist for 15 years, Tiffany draws from her own experience of finding it painfully difficult to apply to a top undergraduate program and consequently her Masters. She says ‘empathy’, especially for those applying to colleges in the US, Great Britain, and Australia, is what drives her to help students with their applications. “You may have an excellent GPA and an even better extracurricular record, but your personal statement is what marks you out in the curve.” Having worked as an admissions officer herself at some point, Tiffany has great insight on what admission officers are looking for and how to give it to them. In a decade-long sojourn, she has managed to complete 281 orders comprising motivational letters, personal statements, and statements of purpose, and admission essays. Being educated in the prestigious Kent University herself for her Masters, she understands the exact recipe for cooking up the perfect all round application. “You may be a great student and have an excellent academic record, but your personal statement is what marks you out in the curve, and what gets an admissions officer to keep your application aside for a second look and even recommend you for that acceptance.”
Miss Tiffany is such a terrific mentor. I was a ball of nerves during my freshman application, as I decided at the last minute to apply to Harvard and Cornell after much doubt. Though I wasn’t accepted into an Ivy, I did get into Washington State, which is just an equally tremendous institution. Thank you for your professional help.
Laurie Reichert
Getting into a tough STEM program at Stanford seemed almost like climbing a thousand foot wall. I cried when I got accepted. With Tiffany’s help, I got into a class of some of the brightest minds in the world. I owe it to her and have taken up mentoring other students to getting into the same course too.
Terry P. Hall
Language was always going to be a major barrier for me, coming from Colombia. I was lucky I got Ms. Diaz, a fellow Hispanic who could relate to the process and understood the rigors of applying to a top program around the country.
Tory Vargas
I was concerned that I wasn’t good enough in terms of grades or overall performance in high school. With Tiffany’s help, I faced up to my fears and through the personal statement that she helped me out with, I was able to speak gracefully of my achievements and the potential that I knew I possessed.
Nathan Milliken
Apart from the awesome help that Tiffany offered, the writing service was quite professional, and their QAD team was very friendly even as I followed up on some last minute issues. I like how fast they react whenever you present them with a deadline and the fact that you also get live coaching when you need to go the extra mile.
Andrew Keynes
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